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 Let us take care of first impressions with our professional grounds maintenance services.

 Property Managers

You can trust that Alfa & Omega will provide you with top notch residential building cleaning services.
We do more than just clean! We work with your staff to ensure that your property is kept clean and in good order all year round by developing a cleaning plan tailored to your needs and budget. We can help you by cleaning the common areas (lobby, hallways, elevators, stairwells, bathrooms, lounge areas, laundry rooms and more) on a daily basis at a minimal cost to you.

We also handle non-work order related issues, such as; move in/out cleaning, removing furniture from vacant units, garbage bin and road side garbage take out, recycling, and change burnt bulbs. We make sure to report any problems that our staff may have encountered (i.e. leaks, repairs, and hazards) during their work routine, so that you can have peace of mind. In addition, we can also help you in the exterior maintenance of your property.

Let Alfa & Omega help you with your residential building cleaning needs, and give the time back to your staff to focus on your tenant’s needs.

There had been much rubbish on the floor of the elevator, and for some time, the metal ridges at both doors of the elevator. lt had been getting clogged with stuff from the workmen.
Today, all has been cleaned properly. They start early, nevertheless, no banging into walls as the previous crew had a habit of doing.

My compliments!

Merle R.

Although we have superintendents in the buildings we manage, Alfa & Omega takes care off all our cleaning need. This partnership allows us to attend to the needs of our tenants and not worry about the cleaning aspect of our operations. The staff is friendly, reliable and deliver excellent quality consistently. As Operations Manager, I highly recommend Alfa & Omega for your cleaning needs.

Marlon L.

Operations Manager, WSA



If you are looking for an affordable way to maintain your small investment property; we are here to help! Let us take care of your property and make the most of your investment.

We will visit your property daily to perform general cleaning duties and report any issues that may arise (i.e. leaks, and other visible damage to the property). We also take care of cleaning your vacant units, replacing bulbs, and any exterior maintenance of your property. Please see the list below for a list of our services. If you have specific requests or any questions please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

What can we do for you?

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